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Slaying Dragons

A Micro RPG About Trust, Hardship, Consequences, and Confronting One’s Shortcomings

Slaying Dragons is a game about metaphorically slaying your dragon.

In this game there is no doubt whether or not you’ll succeed; you will. You will make your way to the beast’s lair. You will find the hidden secrets within. And you will finally slay the dragon. The question is what you’ll learn about yourselves in the process, and what price you have to pay for your growth.

Play revolves around taking turns to narrate fantastical obstacles for each other, and narrating how you overcome the obstacle while incurring some consequence in the process. Dice are used to determine what type of consequence you get—happy or sad— but never to determine how effective you are.

Interspersed at key points in the game are campfire scenes, where your would-be heroes face their feelings head on, and ask each other the big hitting questions: “Why am I here?”, “How do you keep going?”, and “What the hell is your problem?”

Release: 2021
Author: Amos Johan Persson
Language: English